Monday, May 16, 2011

Pi-zza Not Pi-sa

 We used a variety of ingredients
in order to give our pizzas a depth of flavor.

Want a different spin on your pizza dough?
Try different kinds of flours and seasonings in your pizza dough.

 We made three different kinds of doughs:
white, wheat and a mix of both.

We used generic pizza sauce on these pizzas
but if you want to make your own try
Alton Brown's Pantry Friendly Tomato Sauce Recipe

 Voila: Cheesy meaty pizza!

If you like a less salty pizza crust make sure to cut some of the salt.
For extra flavor add some Italian seasoning or garlic.
The cold proofing really works to develop the flavors.
Lastly, using a pizza stone (or the bottom of the terracota pot)
browns the dough, giving it an excellent texture and flavor.

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